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Welcome to SearchWiz SEO!

We are excited for you to start using this amazing tool. SearchWiz SEO will save you time when doing some of the common daily tasks but also some of the more complex tasks. Please read through the documentation to familiarize yourself with SearchWiz SEO. We will cover many of its features including its ability to:

  • analyze web page keywords, page copy, metadata, & URL paths
  • analyze 2 web pages side by side while comparing keywords
  • analyze web page hierarchy with visual auto generated sitemaps
  • extract web page and RSS links including dynamically generated JavaScript links
  • create web page snapshots with some of the most popular screen resolutions
  • check web page broken links
  • check web page resource broken links
  • easily create most common as well as complex search engine queries for some of the most popular search engines
  • easily catalog web page assets
  • easily trace the redirect path for a given URL including any middle “hops”
  • easily trace HTTP response and request headers including those hard to spot by modern browsers
  • easily view URL source code including the tricky redirect URLs hard to retrieve by modern browsers

There are many more use cases that SearchWiz SEO will help you with. Some of those are discussed in our Knowledge Base.


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